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Entry-level Jobs on Oil Rigs - 
Be cautious of those who may tell you that you can get an ENTRY-LEVEL job on oil rigs by applying directly to the Oil Companies - such information is generally incorrect - neither will you need a CV to land an Entry-Level job - so for the correct answer please read below at **UK Crewing Agents**

Positive Press Reports and Endorsements:
The Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig Employment Handbook has received positive press reports, and  endorsements from people all over the world who have successfully used the exclusive info revealed, to secure their own offshore Rig Job.

Forty Years Offshore Experience - the Untold Knowledge
Untold job info to secure your offshore Oil Rig Job within the North Sea Oil Fields. The writers'  combined offshore experience alone spans forty years - tells you how, by covering every detail, everything you need to know, leaving no stone unturned.

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Seasoned Men and Women
Oil Rig crews
with countless years of hands-on experience on UK Oil Rigs; reveal a wealth of inside knowledge - leaving no stone unturned, enabling you to secure your own offshore job on a North Sea Oil Rig.

Now as you continue reading this web page, feeling more and more confident that you too can use this valuable information to secure your own highly-paid job on an offshore oil rig based in the North Sea off Aberdeen: We urge you to read to the end of the page to fully appreciate all that you will gain from it.

UK Crewing Agents:
Entry-level jobs on oil rigs, such as roustabouts, cooks, catering assistants, galley hands, cleaners, painters, etc are usually ONLY available through unadvertised UK crewing agents - and sometimes by crew member's recommendation to the rig boss.. You will discover who the crewing agents are, and then you can make direct contact with them by phone.

You Do NOT Need a CV for UK Entry-Level Oil Rig Jobs
You will be sent an easy application form to return to the Crewing Agent. You may note those who would tell you otherwise are usually in the business of marketing a CV-Resumè service - of which there are many.

Those Who DO Need a CV?
Electricians, Mechanics, Deep Sea Divers, Pipe-Welders and Rig Engineers do need a CV and can apply directly to the individual Oil Companies listed in the Oil Rig Jobs Package - see below:

Join Us Now Working on Oil Rigs
So many others have already landed their UK Oil Rig Job, and now you too can claim your job Offshore on Aberdeen North Sea Oil Rigs UK  - then it will be your turn to celebrate too.

Offshore UK Employment Package
When you receive your step-by-step route to your own Oil Rig Jobs UK employment package, you will notice that you can take your choice from dozens of direct UK employer contacts. You get a wealth of confidential inside information together with positive guidance to secure your highly-paid job in the uk offshore oil industry.

Important Caution!
Be aware that oil rig jobs employment information relating to European oil fields is currently available on the net from one or two non-UK sources based in far-off lands, purporting to cover the recruitment process in the UK and Europe.  

Such non-UK sources are generally an entertaining folksy-type read, but bear in mind that they may not be UK specific, and are unlikely to provide the essential local knowledge needed for winning UK oil rig jobs in the North Sea.

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Now You can Download the Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig Employment Handbook together with your own Direct Contact List with addresses and telephone numbers, as a complete package. 

Probably the ONLY comprehensive source specialising in offshore jobs UK. For men and women seeking Oil Rig Jobs in UK Waters. You get up-to-date listings of  crew vacancies for jobs on the oil rigs in the North Sea Oil Fields, in addition to Europe-based Offshore Oil Rigs.

Direct Contact Names
Just imagine - All this can be yours today, but do it now! Contact names, phone numbers, emails, etc so you can make DIRECT CONTACT - 100% original - includes Jobs on Oil Rigs Aberdeen North Sea UK - you won't find this information anywhere else. No one in the world produces this original job-finder material for Jobs on Oil Rigs UK - please read on . . .

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Entry Level Rig Jobs - Dishwashers, Cleaners, etc.,
Start at £500 to £800 per week. Dishwashers, cleaners, etc.  (who wash dishes, sweep and mop floors, and do general house-cleaning in the living quarters) earn £600 per week on oil and gas rigs UK offshore. Here you will find plenty of jobs on an oil rig - just select those that suit your preferences.

Entry Level Rig Catering Jobs
Cooks, Kitchen Hands, and Cleaners men and women are also needed on an ongoing basis to keep the crews fed and the Rig shipshape. Yes, there really are women on oil rigs - see near end of page . . .

Oil Rig Roustabouts (general labourers) 
Earn £700 to £1,000 per week. Other entry level positions are deckhands, oilers, welder helpers, cleaners, offshore oil rig painting jobs and so on; and there are currently plenty of openings to work in offshore oilfields.

General Jobs on UK Oil Rigs
There are many other Entry Level Opportunities available on offshore oil and gas rigs which require no previous offshore experience, such as painters, oilers, etc.,

Oil Rig Mechanics, Electricians, Engineers
Can secure a highly paid career on offshore oil rigs, as they are very much in demand, commanding the highest rates of pay in offshore oil and gas rigs, UK and worldwide.

The Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig 
Employment Handbook

Shows you the way to highly paid North Sea Rig Jobs in Offshore Oil and Gas UK and Worldwide.  ALL the Know-How, inside tips together with an exclusive listing of Rig-Job Contacts

NOTE: The Oil Rig Employment Handbook is ONLY available as a PDF DOWNLOAD from this website. It is NOT available as a Physical Book, as so many have requested. It would be quite a thick book in paper format, equating to more than 300 pages, therefore very expensive to print and post, adding prohibitively to the price. ''so it's a download?'' YES!

People Just Like You. 
Offshore jobs on UK Oil Rigs are crewed by people just like yourself:  Men and women who want the same things in life that you would want for yourself: the ability to pay your monthly bills without the worry, without struggling, because you'll now have a highly paid secure job. 

Have you decided?  
Take this unique opportunity to step out of a struggling daily grind? We have all been there, we know what it's like to struggle, but we took the opportunity when it was presented - are you ready to take up this offer now?

Crew Members  
You'll find fellow crew members who come from many different backgrounds: farm workers, clerks, teachers, musicians, bankers, businessmen, labourers, university graduates, medics, ex-servicemen of the Army, Royal Navy, and the RAF - male and female alike. They have all found highly-paid offshore jobs on oil rigs, a highly paid oil rig career that changed their lives for the better.

Produced by Experienced Oil Men . . .
With countless years of offshore experience on drilling rigs to present offshore UK jobs, in the North Sea, and Worldwide providing you with hundreds of direct employer contacts, with confidential information together with the guidance you need for a highly paid rig career, helping you to secure an offshore  job in this highly paid industry.

Is it Hard Work?  
Some jobs such as catering, mechanics, electricians, etc. may not be as hard as jobs on the rig platform that can be harder, but if you are in good physical condition and are willing, you shouldn't have any trouble adjusting to the work. 

The food is good . . . 
the quarters are clean and well kept. Most rigs have crew recreational facilities such as films, canteen facilities, snooker and pool, etc.   

COMMENTS: ( published 'as is' - received by email or text)

From 'Slinger' Location Offshore Aberdeen Scotland

good website...i'm on a oil rig just now bud have worked offshore for the past 16's not to bad just now i'm working a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off rota and make between 40-50k a year depending how much overtime i do in a year....there is good money to be made out here...oh and ye work 12 hour shifts ...i'm doing 2 weeks of night shift just now a real ball buster.


From 'Scotty' Location Stranraer

its a very good industry to get into and there is still a chance to progress just like you say. i work 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off, and earn the same as mentioned on your website, dont do no overtime, but have the option of working in my leave, if i wer to work 4 weeks of every leave i got, my wage would probably be in excess of 70k. there will always be a job for me on the ocean, and because i'm experienced, doubt i'll ever be unemployed again. 


From 'Fraser' Location  Buckie (scotland)

yup i work offshore aswell,in north sea mostly.iv been in italy aswell.north sea i prefer until i am not on a fixed rota i go away sumtimes for 3 weeks home for 5 days n away agin to a different rig.i like jumping around from rig 2 rig but in winter rope access is slow so i gotta keep pennies just in turboloon sed u need a few tickets under ur belt b4 u get a chance.and now adays its more about who u no than what u no n bught ur stuff jst for 1000 contacts buk


[many more for publication in the Handbook]

Comments from Rig'ers can be posted to us here:

The Benefits
Opportunities for advancement are excellent. It is not uncommon for a person starting at the bottom with no previous oil field experience to be making  £65 - £75,000 a year, and that is for working only six months out of the year, usually by 2 weeks onboard and 2 weeks off.  

The majority of entry level rig jobs do not require a formal education as the employer is more interested in your ability to do your job well. Some jobs require at least a secondary level school education. Other positions, as they get more complex, will naturally require higher levels of education. 

Health Requirements
The first and foremost requirement for working offshore is that you are
in sound physical condition.

Most onshore experience is transferable, for example if you have heavy labouring experience, on say a construction site, then that could stand you in good stead as a rig roustabout or roughneck. If you have any mechanic skills that will be valuable too, because mechanics, fitters, and welders are currently in great demand offshore. 

Ex-Forces People . . .  
have a great opportunity to use their skills on return to civilian life - for example: Motor Transport Fitters, Diesel Mechanics, Engine Room Mechs, etc, etc. are always needed offshore.

More about Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs  
There are always offshore oil rig catering jobs and cleaning jobs too, so the opportunities are there to be had - if it were not so, then who do you think would crew the rigs? If others can land a Rig Job - then so can YOU.

Offshore Opportunities on Oil Rigs  
Once you get onboard and have gained some work experience you will have the opportunity to advance into many different areas involved in all phases of the industry. 

How far you want to go is up to you - the Oil Companies recognise ambition and will pay you while attending courses. From the writer's personal experience that is true of Exxon Mobil, Esso and BP, and probably all the other well-known Oil Companies too. They will PAY YOU to advance.

Showing a keen interest in the job will play a very important part in your getting and keeping a job on offshore oil rigs.

ALSO INCLUDED  Women on RIGS. You will read TRUE LIFE accounts from Women who serve on the rigs in the North Sea . . . (it may surprise you). This account was featured in The Guardian Newspaper as follows:

The Guardian  wrote: According to The Complete UK Offshore Rig Employment Handbook, there were 766 rigs drilling in all parts of the globe. It used to be just a man's game, but now you'll find the occasional woman offshore.

Credits The Guardian 
April 30th 2010

Most employers provide Sea Survival Training, First Aid, Offshore Drilling Units, Marine Firefighting, etc. 

 Available Positions
There are many good positions available in offshore drilling.  The list is very long, and many positions are available at entry level as well as for professionals seeking a new career orientation. Because the list is so long, we suggest you order the complete package without delay while the going is still very good.

To recap here is a list of jobs currently available:

  • Oil Rig Crew Catering Jobs

  • Oil Rig Painting Jobs

  • Oil Rig Roustabouts

  • Oil Rig Roughnecks

  • Oil Rig Mechanics

  • Oil Rig Electricians

  • Oil Rig Engineers

  • Oil Rig Medics

  • and Many More . . . 

So, How do you apply for employment 
on an offshore drilling rig? 

There are several ways to secure a highly paid career offshore, and even some unconventional ways too - you'll learn all about them in the Oil Rig Employment Handbook. 

A priceless source would be an in-house confidential list of contact names, addresses, emails, telephone and fax numbers of rig employers  -  That's exactly what you'll get INCLUDED in your Handbook. Download the Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig Employment Handbook now-  Don't be fooled by others - no one else has this information - but we do, and for YOUR benefit,

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The Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig Employment Handbook and get yourself an oil rig job - or you pay us nothing.

For YOUR Benefit We Know the Employers, and Crews  
We have travelled extensively and know all the RIGHT people. For example: read about John Tanner who got his oil rig job from making contact with the rig boss at his local pub.

You'll learn much more in the Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig  Employment Handbook - no one else online has this kind of information - so get all the inside info now, if you REALLY want an OIL RIG JOB.

The Complete UK Offshore Oil Rig
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Oil Rig Careers in Offshore Oil and Gas UK - an opportunity for a highly paid job in the oil and gas  industry for both men and women 

In the News . . .

The Guardian wrote:

 According to The Complete UK Offshore Rig Employment Handbook, there were 766 rigs drilling in all parts of the globe. It used to be just a man's game, but now you'll find the occasional woman offshore.

Credits The Guardian 
April 30th 2010

Woman Crew Member


BBC News

From a recent
BBC News Report

Oil and gas 'jobs boom' forecast for North Sea.

A recruitment firm specializing in the energy sector, has said that between 40,000 and 50,000 new jobs could be created.

The report forecasts that the demand is set to reach an all time high despite an already serious skills shortage.

The firm added that they expect more big announcements . . . "

''We got ours, now YOU too can get yours'' 

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Oil Rigs''

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Stat Oil

Stat Oil recently announced a £4.3bn investment into North Sea Oil creating over 700 jobs, a £1bn project to develop the Harris and Barra oilfields was announced.

"Large projects backed by BP West of Shetland are already under way and Total's new Terminal project in Shetland is in full swing.


North Sea's Valemon Platform Successfully Hooked Up

Wood Group Mustang Norway reports the successful hook-up of Statoil's Valemon platform in the North Sea.

North Sea Oilfield Drilling Rig Operators

Offshore (Moray Firth) (Serviced from Aberdeen)

Beatrice oilfield- Upper Jurassic operated by Talisman Energy

Claymore oilfield - Upper Jurassic operated by Talisman Energy

Piper oilfield - Upper Jurassic operated by Talisman Energy, produced from Piper Bravo platform after loss of Piper Alpha

Tartan oilfield - Upper Jurassic operated by Talisman Energy

Scott oilfield - Upper Jurassic operated by Nexen

Ross oilfield - Upper Jurassic (small development by Talisman Energy; within sight of Peterhead)

Blake oilfield -Lower Cretaceous, operated by BG Group

Offshore (Northern North Sea) (serviced from Aberdeen)

Beryl oilfield upper Jurassic operated by Apache North Sea (with offshoots to Linhe, Ness...)

Bressay oilfield

Bentley Oil Field south east of Bressay and owned by Xcite

Emerald oilfield

Captain Oilfield operated by Chevron it contains two platforms the WPP linked to the BLP by a bridge and an FPSO for oil storage. The field also has a tie in to the Frigg system to pump gas

Strathspey oilfield (Subsea tie-back to Ninian Central)

Columba oilfield (extended-reach drilling from Ninian platforms)

Ninian oilfield 3 platforms operated by Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Lyell oilfield - Operated by Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Heather oilfield Middle Jurassic operated by EnQuest PLC

Brent oilfield Middle Jurassic operated by Shell (4 main platforms, plus Brent Spar)

Dunlin oilfield Middle Jurassic operated by Fairfield

Hutton oilfield (produced from the innovative Tension-leg platform; decommissioned 2001 was operated by Conoco)

Cormorant oilfield Middle Jurassic operated by TAQA

Tern oilfield Operated by TAQA formerly by Shell Oil

Eider oilfield Middle Jurassic operated by TAQA

Murchison oilfield Straddles the Norwegian median line. Operated by Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Don oilfield

Magnus oilfield - Operated by BP

North Alwyn oilfield - Operated by Total S.A.

Dunbar oilfield - Operated by Total S.A.

Offshore (West of Shetland) (Serviced from Aberdeen)

Clair oilfield - Operated by BP. A very large, but high viscosity field.

Schiehallion oilfield - Operated by BP

Foinaven oilfield - Operated by Teekay Petrojarl on behalf of BP Rish

Central (North Sea)
Serviced from Aberdeen and Hartlepool

Auk oilfield - Rotliegend / Zechstein, Operated by Talisman Energy

Clyde oilfield - Fulmar sandstone operated by Talisman Energy

Fulmar oilfield - Fulmar sandstone, Operated by Talisman Energy

J-Block gasfield - Triassic, Chalk and Palaeocene, operated by ConocoPhillips

Elgin-Franklin gasfield - Fulmar sandtone and Middle Jurassic, operated by Total S.A.

Shearwater gas/condensate field - Jurassic Fulmar sandstone - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

Erskine gasfield -Middle Jurassic sandstone - operated by Chevron

Gannet oilfield (A, B, C, D, E, F and G) - Eocene, Palaeocene and Jurassic - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

Scoter gas/condensate field - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

Merganser gas/condensate field - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

Pierce oilfield - Palaeocene - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

ETAP gas field complex includes Marnock, Machar, Monan, Mungo, Madoes and Mirren fields, Operated by BP

Heron Cluster oil fields - Triassic Skagerrak Formation - includes Heron, Egret and Skua - operated by Shell U.K. Limited

Arbroath oilfield - Plaeocene, Forties Sandstone, operated by Talisman Energy

Blane oil field - Paleocene, Forties Sandstone, operated by Talisman Energy

Montrose oilfield - Paleocene, Forties Sandstone, operated by Talisman Energy

Lomond gasfield - Palaeocene, Forties Sandstone operated by BG Group

Everest gasfield - Palaeocene, Forties Sandstone operated by BG Group

Armada gasfields - Palaeocene and Jurassic Fulmar, operated by BG Group

Kittiwake oilfield - Operated by Petrofac

Nelson oilfield - Palaeocene, Forties Sandstone, Operated by Shell Oil

Forties oilfield - Palaeocene, Forties Sandstone operated by Apache North Sea

Britannia gasfield - Lower Cretaceous, Operated by ConocoPhillips and Chevron

Alba oilfield - Eocene operated by Chevron

Buchan oil field - Devonian Sandstone - Operated by Talisman Energy

Ettrick oilfield - Upper Jurassic

Buzzard oilfield - Upper Jurassic operated by Nexen, largest discovery in last 25 years

Andrew oilfield - Palaeocene, operated by BP

Moira oilfield - Palaeocene

Cyrus oilfield - Palaeocene

Balmoral oilfield - Palaeocene

Gryphon oilfield- Eocene Operated by Maersk Oil

Harding oilfield - Eocene Operated by BP

Tiffany oilfield - Upper Jurassic

Toni oilfield - Upper Jurassic (subsea tie back to Tiffany)

Thelma oilfield - Upper Jurassic (subsea tie back to Tiffany)

Sycamore oilfield - Upper Jurassic (subsea tie back to Tiffany and Brae)

Brae oilfield Upper Jurassic (several satellite accumulations) operated by Marathon Oil

Miller oilfield - Operated by BP